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==Anchored citations==
This template can generate a citation that can be combined with [[WP:CITESHORT|shortened footnotes]] or [[Wikipedia:Parenthetical referencing|parenthetical referencing]]. It does this by creating an [[HTML element #anchorAnchor|HTML anchor]] containing an ID. The special parameter {{para|ref|harv}} generates an ID suitable for [[Harvard referencing]] templates such as {{tl|harv}} as specified in the next section; this is the default for the {{tl|citation}} template. If an empty {{para|ref}} is given, no anchor is generated; this is the default for the Cite templates such as {{tl|cite book}} and {{tl|cite news}}. You can also specify the ID directly, using the {{para|ref|<var>ID</var>}} parameter. For example, suppose an article's ''References'' section contains the markup:
* <code><nowiki>{{Citation |author=Sigmund Freud |title=Civilization and Its Discontents |year=1930 |ref=CivDis}}</nowiki></code>
which generates the citation:
* As indicated above, month names are sometimes abbreviated (''e.g.'', September to "Sept" or "Sept." or "Sep" or "Sep.")
* Dates should not be linked in references.
* Please see ''[[Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers) #Dates]]'' for more guidance about formatting dates.