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→‎Parameters (all are optional): postscript doesn't always show
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(→‎Parameters (all are optional): postscript doesn't always show)
* '''laysummary''': URL of a lay summary, which could be in a popular science magazine or newspaper.
* '''laydate''': The date<ref group="n" name="dates" /> of publication or, where this is not available, date of retrieval of the lay summary.
* '''postscript''': Set terminal punctuation. LeaveOmit or leave blank to remove the trailing full stop. Punctuation specified by this parameter will appear within the cite span, and consequently before any icons added by metadata-using software (e.g. library browser plugins). Hence this parameter should be used instead of manually appending data to the citation. This parameter is ignored if {{para|quote}} is specified, when {{para|postscript|.}} is forced.
* '''lastauthoramp''': If supplied, whether or not assigned a value, places an ampersand (&amp;) before the last name of final author, if more than one author is supplied. Recommended usage is ''lastauthoramp=yes''.
* '''ref''': ID for Harvard references; see ''[[#Harvard references to citations|Harvard references to citations]]''.