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== Help decide about more than $10 million of Wikimedia donations in the coming year ==
''(Apologies if this message isn't in your language. Please consider translating it)''
As many of you are aware, the Wikimedia Board of Trustees recently initiated important changes in the way that money is being distributed within the Wikimedia movement. As part of this, a new community-led "[[m:Funds_Dissemination_Committee/Framework_for_the_Creation_and_Initial_Operation_of_the_FDC|Funds Dissemination Committee]]" (FDC) is currently being set up. Already in 2012-13, its recommendations will guide the decisions about the distribution of over 10 million US dollars among the Foundation, chapters and other [[m:Funds_Dissemination_Committee/Framework_for_the_Creation_and_Initial_Operation_of_the_FDC#Eligible_fund-seeking_entities|eligible entities]].
Now, seven capable, knowledgeable and trustworthy community members are sought to volunteer on the initial Funds Dissemination Committee. It is expected to take up its work in September. In addition, a community member is sought to be the [[m:Funds_Dissemination_Committee/Framework_for_the_Creation_and_Initial_Operation_of_the_FDC#FDC_Ombudsperson|Ombudsperson]] for the FDC process. If you are interested in joining the committee, read the [[m:Funds Dissemination Committee/Call for Volunteers|call for volunteers]]. Nominations are planned to close on August 15.
--[[m:User:ASengupta_(WMF)|Anasuya Sengupta]], Director of Global Learning and Grantmaking, Wikimedia Foundation 20h21min de 19 de Julho de 2012 (UTC)
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