Programação com OpenGL/Instalação/Linux: diferenças entre revisões

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é muito simples a adaptação dos Makefiles para estes ambientes.
== Instalando os cabeçalhos apropriados para o OpenGL ==
In the unlikely event that your distribution does not supply packages for Mesa3D, you can build it from source with the usual
make install
installation procedure; however, BE CAREFUL OF CONFLICTING OPENGL LIBRARIES.
Mesa's software implementation may override your distribution's libraries or libraries manually installed, such as the nVidia or fglrx OpenGL binaries. When this happens, search (slocate or find) all directories listed in /etc/ for Multiple copies of under the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, if not referring to the same file, usually indicates a conflict. Remove all but the copy you want executed.
The headers will be installed to [install_root]/include/GL - on Debian systems, this is /usr/local/include/GL when compiled from source or /usr/include/GL when installed from a pre-built package.
"Official" OpenGL headers are available from SGI, however, they are hopelessly out of date.
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