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<div style="width:auto; padding: 1em; background:#fdf6e3;" class="plainlinks" ><big>Latest '''[[m:Tech/News|<span style="color:#268bd2;">Tech news</span>]]''' from the Wikimedia technical community.</big> ''Please inform other users about these changes.''</div>
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;Recent software changes: ''(Not all changes will affect you.)''
* The latest version of MediaWiki (version [[mw:MediaWiki 1.22/wmf4|1.22/wmf4]]) was added to non-Wikipedia wikis on May 13, and to the English Wikipedia (with a Wikidata software update) on May 20. It will be updated on all other Wikipedia sites on May 22. [;a=commitdiff;h=ed976cf0c14fa3632fd10d9300bb646bfd6fe751;hp=c6c7bb1e5caaddf7325de9eef0e7bf85bcf5cc35] []
* A software update will perhaps result in temporary issues with images. Please [[m:Tech/Ambassadors|report any problems]] you notice. []
* MediaWiki recognizes links in twelve new [[:w:en:URI scheme|schemes]]. Users can now link to [[:w:en:SSH|SSH]], [[:w:en:XMPP|XMPP]] and [[:w:en:Bitcoin|Bitcoin]] directly from wikicode. [;a=commitdiff;h=a89d623302b5027dbb2d06941a22372948757685]
* VisualEditor was added to [[bugzilla:48430|all content namespaces]] on on May 20. []
* A new extension ("TemplateData") was added to all Wikipedia sites on May 20. It will allow a future version of VisualEditor to [[bugzilla:44444|edit templates]]. []
* New sites: [[:voy:el:|Greek Wikivoyage]] and [[:wikt:vec:|Venetian Wiktionary]] joined the Wikimedia family last week; the total number of project wikis is now 794. [;a=commit;h=5d7536b403730bb502580e21243f923c3b79da0e] [;a=commit;h=43c9eebdfc976333be5c890439ba1fae3bef46f7]
* The logo of 18 Wikipedias was changed to [[w:en:Wikipedia:Wikipedia_logos#The_May_2010_logo|version 2.0]] in a [ third group of updates]. [;a=commitdiff;h=4688adbe467440eea318eecf04839fdd9ffa0565]
* The [[:commons:Special:UploadWizard|UploadWizard]] on Commons now shows links to the old upload form in 55 languages ([[:bugzilla:33513|bug 33513]]). [;a=commit;h=4197fa18a22660296d0e5b84820d5ebb4cef46d4]
;Future software changes:
* The next version of MediaWiki (version 1.22/wmf5) will be added to Wikimedia sites starting on May 27. []
* An updated version of [[mw:Echo (Notifications)|Notifications]], with new features and fewer bugs, will be added to the English Wikipedia on May 23. []
* The [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Single User Login finalisation announcement|final version]] of the "single user login" (which allows people to use the same username on different Wikimedia wikis) is moved to August 2013. The software will [ automatically rename] some usernames. []
* A [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Flow|new discussion system]] for MediaWiki, called "Flow", is under development. Wikimedia designers need your help to inform other users, [ test the prototype] and discuss the interface. [].
* The Wikimedia Foundation is hiring people to act as links between software developers and users for VisualEditor. []
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<div style="float:left; background:#eee8d5; border: .2em solid #dc322f; border-left: .7em solid #dc322f; padding: 1em; "><span style="color:#dc322f;font-weight:bold;">Important note:</span> This is the first edition of the [[m:Tech/News|Tech News]] weekly summaries, which help you monitor recent software changes likely to impact you and your fellow Wikimedians.
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