Engenharia genética/Microscopia de fluorescência e SDS-PAGE: diferenças entre revisões

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# Put a coverslip on top of the liquid.
# Observe the cells using fluorescent microscopy
# Design the primers that was used for the amplification of GFP with the addition of the sequences needed for gap-repair.
Things to think about for the report:
* How do you calculate the activity of the enzyme preparations?
* How do you calculate the molecular weight of the Taq and Pfu from the SDS-PAGE?
* What are the theoretical values?
* How long (bp) is the GFP PCR product?
* How does this correspond to the theoretical value?
* Which marker, ORI and promoter are located on the p426GPD vector?
* How did we select yeast transformants?
* How does gap-repair work in yeast?
* Why did we transform yeast with water+vector (-) without the gene?
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