Inglês/Gramática/Vocabulário/Trechos de conversas: diferenças entre revisões

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== Conversation pieces ==
'''Trechos de conversas'''
===Arriving at a hotel===
===Booking a hotel===
===Expressing surprise===
'''Expressando surpresa.'''
* ''Good heavens!''
* ''I don’t believe it!''
* ''Well, well, well!''
===Making contact===
===Meeting people===
===Refusing permission===
===Responding to to news or information===
'''Respondendo à notícias ou informações.'''
* ''Good for you!''
* ''I’m sorry to hear that.''
* ''Oh, how lovely!''
* ''Sounds great.''
* ''Yes, I suppose you must be.''
* ''Wow! That sounds exciting''.
===Responding to thanks===
* Good for you!
* I’m sorry to hear that.
* Oh, how lovely!
* Sounds great.
* Yes, I suppose you must be.
* Wow! That sounds exciting.
===Saying: ‘That’s life.’===
'''Dizendo: Isto é a vida.'''
* It was just one of those things.
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