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* <code><nowiki>{{Citation |last1=Wright |first1=Thomas |last2=Evans |first2=R.H. |title=Historical and Descriptive Account of the Caricatures of James Gillray |location=London |publisher=Henry G. Bohn |year=1851 |oclc=59510372 }}</nowiki></code>
* {{Citation |last1=Wright |first1=Thomas |last2=Evans |first2=R.H. |title=Historical and Descriptive Account of the Caricatures of James Gillray |location=London |publisher=Henry G. Bohn |year=1851 |oclc=59510372 }}
In this example the {{tl|citation}} template defines, and the {{tl|harv}} template uses, the HTML ID "<code>CITEREFWrightEvans1851</code>", composed by concatenating the string "<code>CITEREF</code>" with the last names of the authors and the year. The {{tl|harvid}} template can be used to generate such IDs, for example, <code><nowiki>{{harvid|Wright|Evans|1851}}</nowiki></code> generates "<code>{{harvid|Wright|Evans|1851}}</code>".
The names of only the first four authors are used; other author names are not concatenated to the ID. If no author names are given, editor names are used instead. For [[#Citing patents|patents]], inventor names are used instead of authors or editors. If these names are not given, this template does not generate an anchor.
Last names are used, as specified by the parameters {{para|last1}} (or {{para|last}}), {{para|last2}}, {{para|last3}}, and {{para|last4}}, and similarly for {{para|editor1-last}} etc. and for {{para|inventor1-last}} etc. If a full name is given but no last name is specified, this template falls back on the full name, but this usage is not recommended. For example, in "<code><nowiki>{{Citation |author=Sigmund Freud |title=The Ego and the Id |year=1923}}</nowiki></code>" no last name is given, so this citation cannot be combined with the Harvard reference "<code><nowiki>{{harv|Freud|1923}}</nowiki></code>". To make these {{tl|citation}} and {{tl|harv}} invocations compatible, either replace "{{para|author|Sigmund Freud}}" with "{{para|first|Sigmund}} {{para|last|Freud}}", or add "{{para|ref|CITEREFFreud1923<nowiki>{{harvid|Freud|1923}}</nowiki>}}" to the {{tl|citation}} invocation, or add the same ref parameter (say, "{{para|ref|EgoId}}") to both the {{tl|citation}} and the {{tl|harv}} invocations.
Similarly, the year is used, as specified by {{para|year}}. If no year is given, this template attempts to derive the year from {{para|date}} (or, if no date is given, from {{para|publication-date}}) by applying the [[m:Help:Extension:ParserFunctions#.23time:|MediaWiki #time function]]. This heuristic works with many common date formats but has known problems, so when in doubt it is safer to use {{para|year}}.
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