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In the Chinese Wikipedia, regional word conversion forms with simp-trad Chinese conversion the two primary parts of the vocabulary conversion system. It aims to provide conversion modes close to the usage habits of Chinese-speaking readers from mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau. In this system, the regional words from mainland China (zh-cn), Singapore and Malaysia (zh-sg) are in simplified Chinese, whereas those from Taiwan (zh-tw), Hong Kong and Macau (zh-hk) are in traditional Chinese.

Wikipedia-wide conversion of regional wordsEditar

Wikipedia-wide conversion of regional words is achieved by five conversion tables in total:

  1. The built-in conversion table in MediaWiki ZhConversion.php
  2. The mainland simp. conversion table defined in MediaWiki:Conversiontable/zh-cn
  3. The Taiwan trad. conversion table defined in MediaWiki:Conversiontable/zh-tw
  4. The Hong Kong & Macau trad. conversion table defined in Mediawiki:Conversiontable/zh-hk
  5. The Singapore & Malaysia simp. conversion table defined in Mediawiki:Conversiontable/zh-sg

Wikipedia-wide conversion is the rapidest and the most convenient method of regional word conversion, notwithstanding its propensity to cause unwanted vocabulary conversions. To avoid the latter, it has been established that no other conversions should be allowed apart from those corresponding regional words which are stable themselves and are in widespread use (eligibility criteria listed below as prerequisites).

A page has been specifically created in Wikipedia, Wikipedia:地区词转换候选 (Wikipedia:Submit new Wikipedia-wide regional word conversion proposal), for the Wikipedia-wide conversion of regional words. Thereat can users make demand-driven requests to submit regional words they wish to add to the list, after observing that they are in conformity with the below-mentioned prerequisite conditions. Only after consensus is established through community polls can the requested additions be made by administrators to the relevant pages.

The general eligibility criteria for the successful submission of regional words are: That the proposal receives support from at least six Wikipedians eligible to vote within a period of seven days, and that the number of votes against the proposal does not exceed one third of the total number of votes.

The prerequisites for proposals of new Wikipedia-wide regional word conversions are as follows (this however is not applicable to proposals concerning the deletion of existing Wikipedia-wide regional word conversions, which can be applied below):

  1. Single-characters as conversion words are not acceptable in the Wikipedia-wide regional word conversion system, for example 宏=>巨集
  2. Words involved in the conversion proposal must be used in at least 100 articles (Search engines can be used facilitatively to determine eligibility)

Furthermore, with regard to conversions involving relatively few characters (less than and equal to three characters), the community should also consider in the polls the usage frequencies of the corresponding characters (references: [1] [2] [3]) as well as the possibility of erroneous over-conversions occurring.

If you have noticed over-conversions caused by the regional word conversion system, please report at Wikipedia:字词全局转换修复请求 (Wikipedia: word global conversion repair requests).

Regional word conversions in an articleEditar

Regional word conversions within articles with their high specificity are suitable for specific individual articles/entries.

-{A|converted content}- is the source code for the realization of "article-wide" regional word conversions, nonetheless regional word conversions achieved using this method often result in indistinguishability and disorderliness of the article source codes, making it unconducive to maintenance. Consequently the utilisation of the template {{NoteTA}} which can be embedded to allow conversions within an article is recommended over the aforementioned source code method. To do this one only has to insert in the top line of the article source code the template {{NoteTA}}, and follow the instructions given on the template page, adding words one wishes to be converted to the template.

It is unlikely for unwanted conversions to occur with this template since it is highly specific (targets individual articles). However, when over-conversions do occur, albeit unlikely, they can be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Categorized conversion templates for regional word conversionsEditar

Articles belonging to the same (or similar) topic or field also have somewhat similar regional word conversion requirements content-wise and are thus suitably subject to separately created categorised conversion templates which contain the regional words commonly used in articles of that kind. In terms of usage convenience, these templates are in between the Wikipedia-wide conversion and article-wide conversion schemes, the same being true for its propensity to induce over-conversions.

While creating a categorised conversion template the reason of creation should be that the words being converted are likely to be used alongside each other in an article, not that these words belong to a certain category (as suggested by its name). For instance it is rather uncommon for names of current leaders of the political entities in the world to be used on a large scale in multiple articles, thus it would be inappropriate to sort different translations of these names into a separate categorised conversion template. Wikipedia:字詞轉換處理/公共轉換組 (Wikipedia: word conversion processing / conversion group Public) can be consulted when creating a new categorised conversion template.

The converted content in categorised conversion templates can be altered by ordinary users since its scope of influence is likewise not as large as Wikipedia-wide conversion scripts. It can even be used to complement the Wikipedia-wide conversion system in that it allows two-character conversions which would have otherwise been impossible or tedious. A typical example of this is the conversion of 數位=>数码 (digital): this conversion is suitable for the Wikipedia-wide conversion system since in non-computer and information technology related articles the word "數位" (also several) can be easily with other nouns such as "人士" (personages) to form phrases like "數位人士" (several personages) in which "數位" does not bear the sense of digital. This conversion, if existed in the Wikipedia-wide conversion system, would have been misinterpreted and over-converted to "数码人士" (digital personages) correspondingly, causing confusion in readers. Per contra, of the articles that use the computer and IT-related categorised conversion template, most are technical articles in which the word "數位" would be repetitively used (which should also be converted) and their technicality has also to some extent limited the use of "數位" semantically as several.

Nevertheless, as explained above, if expressions such as "數位人士" happen to exist in articles that are technical, the system of categorised conversion templates is still inadequate to be used for the purpose of distinguishing and resolving lexically similar but semantically different terms. Unwanted regional word conversions can be rectified using the Wikipedia-wide simp-trad conversion system or other methods mentioned below.

Conversion of isolated (individual) regional wordsEditar

Conversion or non-conversion of individual words is realised by the source code -{converted content}- or "avoid un-{}-wanted conversions". This can be used to prevent certain over-conversions or be used for some other special purposes.

For example in the article 艾奥瓦州, the code "又譯作 ''also translated as'' '''-{zh:爱荷华州; zh-hans:爱荷华州; zh-hant:愛荷華州; zh-tw:艾奧瓦州; zh-hk:愛荷華州;}-'''、'''爱我华州''' ''or'' '''衣阿華州'''" can be used to list aliases and its effect would be "又譯作 also translated as -{zh:爱荷华州; zh-hans:爱荷华州; zh-hant:愛荷華州; zh-tw:艾奧瓦州; zh-hk:愛荷華州;}-爱我华州 or 衣阿華州".

Another example: the previously mentioned over-conversion of 數位人士, in the presence of "數位=>数码", can be prevented by using 數-{}-位人士.

Points of attentionEditar

Format of manual conversion codesEditar

In a nutshell: You can use only zh-hans and zh-hant to reach the desired effect but you are more than welcome to apply the recommended formats to the source codes.

Although the regional word conversion system only has zh-ch, zh-tw, zh-hk and zh-sg four modes, for operational convenience, there are no compulsory requirements relating to the format of the source codes - Any method as long as it fulfils the expected purposes and is not erroneous under any variant mode is acceptable.

However, the above operation does not actually fully consistent with the character conversion convert word division and regional thinking. Thus, there is also recommend the other approach, that is to zh-hans, zh-hant the name of the line, just fill in the corresponding traditional and simplified words, do not fill in the corresponding area term. A transformation of the region with which the word first-served basis (that is, converted first editor), for the T transformation, requirements other than simplified the outside and the same title. This approach does not require that all editors should master, it will not fill the first a simple way cause any obstruction, to understand the editor of the second approach will gradually approach the first amendment.

Conversion of regional words should be avoided in the References sectionEditar

Any material in the References section should be subject only to simp-trad conversion and not regional word conversion (Chinese translations of non-Chinese titles, names, quotations excluded). However at present achieving separate conversions in the References section is still not technically feasible, thus if action is not taken to avoid over-conversion in the References section, any content therein would be affected correspondingly regardless of the conversion system employed.

See alsoEditar

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